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Circles That Are Not Pointless

Life isn't always positive, and expecting an absence of negativity at all times isn't realistic, but I've found that establishing boundaries and surrounding myself with positivity has been a life-altering and affirming practice.
I've commented in a previous post that my choices define who I am. I have the power to make choices as to how I will live my life. In fact, I am the only person who truly has that power.
In conversations with people about this topic, I've had more than a few debates, and I'd like to present them in general categories. I want to stress a couple of things: I'm speaking from my own perspective, and that perspective has a level of privilege attached to it...I'm keenly aware of that. Not everyone has the privileges I do, and some have more. As always, these are my thoughts and observations.
The first "barrier conversation" I have might be summarized in this example: "I dislike my job, but I can't leave it...I need …

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