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Sharing is Caring

While there have been many criticisms of Abraham Maslow's Theory of Human Motivation, some of which I agree with (not the least of which is that human needs are not, in all cases, hierarchical), I have always found myself drawn towards his Hierarchy of Needs (probably the model he is best known for).

One concept I do support is the potential attainment of self-actualization, once all of an individual's base needs are met. In my world-view, once an individual has attained this level of enlightenment, they have a responsibility to then share that fortune with others, thus elevating their entire community.
Rather than launch into a psychological (or philosophical) debate, I'll come to the point: I've had a great deal of success with my wellness journey so far, and now I'm beginning to share it in new and exciting ways. I'm presenting sessions at two educational staff conferences, and I've already done one session for staff at my Campus!
To be clear, I don't e…

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